Stickers and Manuals (Dazon Raider 250D 2006 and Earlier)

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Stickers and Manuals (Dazon Raider 250D 2006 and Earlier)
# Product Code: Product Name Req'd Price:
1 89100-BFD0-0000 Owner's Manual
2 89101-BFD0-0000 Assembly manual
3 87507-BCA0-0004 Manufacturer Label
4 89330-BCC0-0000 Steering plate belt
5-2 89325-BFD0-0001 Canvas top cover
5-1 89325-BFD0-0000 Canvas top cover(black)
6-2 89340-BFD0-0001 Protective bar cover
6-1 89340-BFD0-0000 Protective bar cover(black)
7 50191-BFD0-0000 Protective bar Sponge cover (i)
8 50192-BFD0-0000 Protective bar Sponge cover (ii)
9 87136-BCA0-0000 Warning sticker, Fuel type $0.23
10 87501-BCA0-0000 Warning sticker, No long hair $0.87
11 87502-BCA0-0000 Warning sticker, Operating $0.88
12 87503-BCA0-0000 Warning sticker, No standing $0.88
13 87504-BCA0-0000 Warning sticker, Away from moving parts
14 87505-BCA0-E000 Warning sticker, Safety belt
15 87506-BCA0-E000 Warning sticker, On road use
16 87508-BCA0-0000 Warning sticker, Rear rack loading
17 87515-BDA0-0000 Warning sticker, Oil & Cooling liquid
18 87516-BED0-0001 Warning sticker, Driving
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